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Quelques travaux réussis des élèves de 5è de Mme...

mercredi 13 janvier 2016, par Mme Pagnon.

The Best Essays

• 5e : Write about your Christmas Holidays !

Hello Miss Perié

As for me during my holidays ,I played the electric guitar a lot.
At Christmas, I had a distortion pedal for my guitar, cd’s, a t-shirt of Guns’n’roses and a bioagraphy of Mark Knopfler .The day after ,I went to Caen, at my grandmother’s and my cousins’ .We had a big meal with all my family,and after ,my cousins and I had money.The day after ,I went to Holland ,to see my distant family.The journey was long but we had a big party in the evening .The first day ,we walked in the town ,on the second we saw windmills and did cycle. We ate
in the restaurant and them played bowling, I lost.
In the evening, we had a pizza party.The third day ,we walked in the town and in the evening, I played the guitar with my cousins in the bar .The fourth day I came home and I played the guitar again and did my howework .

Bye bye Samuel Perier 5e Sy

Dear Mme Périé
Hello how are you ?
During the first holiday week my mother didn’t work.
I stayed at home.
On the Thursday I went to the swiming pool in St lô with my friend Caroline.
At christmas eve, I went to my father’s parents with my uncle and my cousins.
We ate liver pate, fish and tenderloin with potatoes. The dessert was a log.
On christmas day, I was at my mother’s parents with her brother and my cousins.
We ate scallop, pork filet mignon and an ice log.
I was happy with my christmas gifts : Clothes, Shoes, Chocolates, Books, CD « Soprano » ..............
During the second week, I slept at my grands parent’s.
For the new year’s day, I was with my parents and their friends in a restaurant in Canisy.
We danced until late at night.
I went to bed at 7:00 a.m .

Monday,4 january
Happy new year and happy Christmas !

how are you today ?

On holidays, I did my lessons. I read a book !!!
I listened to the music to the radio. i watched TV.
I cooked. I invited friends. I went to the swimming pool in St-Lo, with Juliette. I did not go in my garden but I did cycling. I had a gift. I saw my cousins and my family. I eat a lot, and you ?

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 !!!!!!!! Bye Bye

Caroline Beaufils (5e SY)